To manage this historic project, Friends of the Hunley has assembled a renowned team of experts.  Dr. Robert Neyland, Branch Head of Underwater Archaeology for the Naval Historical Center is on loan from the Navy to oversee the entire project.  Maria Jacobsen, an archaeologist from Texas A&M University, is leading the excavation of the Hunley’s interior.  Paul Mardikian, from the Sorbonne University Conservation Program in Paris, will oversee the conservation.  All three have worked together and consulted with archaeologists and conservators from around the world to plan and execute a world-class conservation effort, which is now fully underway.

The discoveries the team is making truly are breathtaking.  We have learned, for example, that the Hunley was a scientific marvel for its time, far more advanced and sophisticated than experts had imagined.  As the project continues, every day we are learning more about this great national treasure now known throughout the world simply as the Hunley.

Nestor G. Gonzalez
Nestor Gonzalez, Research Conservator
Maria Jacobsen, Senior Archaeologist
Paul Mardikian, Senior Conservator
Philippe de Martin de Viviès, Assistant Conservator
Harry Pecorelli, Archaeologist
Michael Scafuri, Archaeologist
Not Pictured:

Rae Houke
Kathy Goddard, Administrative Assistant
Darlene Russo, Office Manager
Josephine Starnes, Director of Retail Operations

The project is also made possible by the dedication and support of our volunteers.

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