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The Hunley continues to spark the interest and fascination of people world-wide. Below are a few of the many stories that have been written about the first successful submarine in world history, the H. L. Hunley.

Atlanta Journal - Historic Confederate Sub Raised From Sea (August 8th 2000)

The Charlotte Observer - From The Deep (February 12th 2000)

L.A. Times - Civil War Sub's Secrets Bared (December 10th 2001)

Post & Courier - Dixon's Gold Coin Found

Post & Courier - Union Soldier's ID Tag From in Hunley

US News & World Report

A Piece Of The Hunley (March 23rd 2001)

Gold Mine of History (July 10th 2001)

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2/2/2015 Daily Mail: Has the mystery of Confederate submarine that sank Union ...
1/21/2015 Post and Courier: ĎNakedí Hunley revealing Civil War subís last secre...
9/26/2014 Civil War News: "Submarine H.L. Hunley's Hull Is Slowly Becoming Visi...
8/12/2014 Post and Courier: "Scientists begin exposing the "real" Hunley"
5/1/2014 Post and Courier: "Hunley getting ready for a close-up"

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