The recovery crew, experienced in many rescue and recovery operations, including the Titanic and the recent Swiss Air disaster, combined their knowledge to provide one of the most talented teams in the world. Learn about them and become a part of their quest.

Senior Staff

Warren Lasch, Chairman Friends of the Hunley
Dr. Robert Neyland, Hunley Project Director and Chief Archaeologist
Leonard Whitlock, Senior Project Manager
Steve Wright, Oceaneering Project Manager
Dr. David Conlin, Hunley Field Manager, NPS
Matt Russell, Hunley Field Asst. Manager, Diving & Logistics, NPS-SCRU
Claire Peachey, Hunley Field Asst. Manager, Data Recovery, NPS, NHC
Doug Dawson, Oceaneering Asst. Project Manager, Diver
Ken Edwards, Oceaneering Diving Supervisor
Harry Pecorelli, III, Archaeologist, Diving Safety Officer

H.L. Hunley Archaeological Team

Chris Amer, Archaeologist, SCIAA
Tristan Amer, Intern
Joe Beatty, Archaeologist, SCIAA
Dan Davis, Archaeologist
William Gotts, Archaeologist
Wes Hall, Archaeologist
Terri Henderson, Intern
Steve Howard, Crew Boat Jeremy Captain
Maria Jacobsen, Senior Archaeologist
Shea McLean, Archaeologist
Paul Mardikian, Senior Conservator
Mark Ragan, Hunley Project Historian
Drew Ruddy , Archaeologist
Michael Scafuri, Archaeologist
Brett Seymour, Photographer, NPS-SCRU
James Spirek, Archaeologist, SCIAA
David Whall, Archaeologist
Ralph Wilbanks, Archaeologist, NUMA
Jennings Woods, Intern

Oceaneering International, Inc.

Clint Allison, Diver
Josh Brown, Tender
Mike Crago, Diver
Todd Groseclose, Diver/Shift Supervisor
Carl Hanson, Diver
Marcus Harper, Oceaneering Diver/Shift Supervisor
Eric Howard, Diver
Jeff Ledda, Engineer
Bennie Martin, Diver/Tender
Jon Sears, Diver
Perry Smith, Diver/Lead Project Engineer
Mark Van Emmerik, Engineer/Diver

Titan Maritime Industries, Inc.

Dan Schwall, Project Manager
Colin Trepte, Barge Captain
Hank Bergman, Chief Engineer
Jenkins Montgomery, Crane Operator
Ken Bradford, Crane Operator
Oscar Lopez, Jacking Engineer

South Carolina ETV (SCETV)

Tom Posey, Producer
Bill South, Photographer
Mark Slice, Engineer
Mike Johnson, Engineer

The H.L. Hunley Archaeological team and staff consisted of archaeologists and scientists from federal, state, and private sectors. These agencies and institutions included:

College of Charleston (CofC)
National Park Service (NPS) Submerged Cultural Resources Unit (SCRU)
National Underwater & Marine Agency (NUMA)
Naval Historical Center (NHC)
South Carolina Department of Archives and History (SCDAH)
South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology (SCIAA)

Without the cooperation and assistance of personnel from these organizations, the successful recovery of the H.L. Hunley would not have been possible.

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