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 It was George Dixon who persuaded the fed-up Beauregard to let "that submarine boat" have a go at the Union blockade. General Beauregard wrote,

"After this tragedy I refused to permit the boat to be used again; but Lieutenant Dixon, a brave and determined man, having returned to Charleston, applied to me for authority to use it against the Federal steam sloop-of-war Housatonic, a powerful new vessel, carrying eleven guns of the largest calibre, which lay at the time in the north channel opposite Beach Inlet, materially obstructing the passage of our blockade-runners in and out."

The Hunley had now sunk twice, both times killing her crew - including Hunley himself. Even so, the desperation of the times kept hope alive that the Hunley could save Charleston from the strangling blockade. Though Beauregard had grave concerns over the twice-fatal Hunley, at the urging of Lt. George Dixon, he nevertheless approved her to be to be salvaged by divers and pulled up by ships so that she could again attempt a strike at the Union blockade.

A courageous new crew had already quickly assembled after the second sinking. Lt. George Dixon would command the Hunley and her crew on what would become their historic final mission.

For a longtime, little was known about members of the final Hunley crew. Since the Hunley was a venture with close ties to the Confederate Secret Service, many records were intentionally destroyed at the end of war to protect the identities of those involved. In 2001, forensic genealogist Linda Abrams began a massive research project to discover as much as possible about the group of submarine pioneers that navigated the Hunley into world history. Her research coupled with the archeological and forensic data is allowing new details about the crew to emerge.

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