Brain Tissue Found Inside Skulls

BRAIN TISSUE FOUND INSIDE SKULLS May 10, 2001 In the six skulls raised from the H. L. Hunley, presence of brain tissue has been detected. At the beginning of the excavation, archaeologists anticipated they may find some tissue. “To make a find like this speaks to the level of preservation inside the submarine,” said Dr. Robert Neyland, Project Director. The presence of soft tissue was detected on CAT scan images conducted on the skulls at MUSC. No further research or analysis has been conducted. The Hunley Commission Chairman, Senator Glenn McConnell said, “The brain tissue was a solemn discovery, and the remains will be handled with the utmost respect.” “They were human, they were heroes, and it is very apparent that we need to honor the sacrifice of these brave men and all who served on the Hunley,” said Warren Lasch, Friends of the Hunley Chairman. There will no video update on the excavation of the H. L. Hunley released this week. The Hunley project has been made possible in part through the generous support of the National Geographic Society.

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